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Prevention magazine

Prevention Magazine

July 1994, pages 66 ff.


Give Yourself a Natural Tummy Tuck

by Mark Golin with Michele Toth

But before you hit the floor in a mad frenzy of body-flopping crunches, heed this advice: If you want to do it right, do it slow. "People tend to perform exercise movements quickly and get them done any way their body will let them," says Jillian Hessel, a fitness trainer who uses the Pilates Method in her workout programs. "But that's often not the most efficient way of developing the muscles properly." The Pilates Method is firmly grounded in the concept of paying almost Zen-like attention to each muscle as you perform a series of gentle exercises very slowly and very correctly. One of the bonuses of this method is that your body can't cheat you by using muscles it shouldn't be using.

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