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Private Pilates Training with Jillian Hessel

Pilates Instruction

She's not just a gifted and inspiring teacher in her own right, but also a second-generation Pilates master who has studied under some of Joseph Pilates' most revered students, including Carola Trier, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, and Eve Gentry. Here are some typical reactions from clients after just one session:

  • "I feel taller..."
  • "I feel lighter..."
  • "I feel more centered..."
  • "I feel invigorated, not exhausted..."
  • "I'm finally using my stomach muscles..."
  • "The breath control makes so much sense..."

Authentic, Personalized Pilates Instruction

To schedule a training session with Jillian, call 310-246-0082, or you can email us. In addition, Jillian accepts housecall appointments with select clients in the greater Los Angeles area.

Jillian offers a 11/2-hour introductory session to new students. This allows time for a fitness interview, injury history and assessment, goal setting, and posture analysis. This one-on-one contact is vital in order for Jillian to create an individualized workout program. Continuing sessions are usually one hour long, two to three times per week.


For Private Pilates Instruction

Introductory Session (1½ hours) $ 165
Single Studio Session (1 hour) $ 110
Ten-Session Series (1 hour/$105 each) $ 1,050
Twenty-Session Series (1 hour/$100 each)* $ 2,000
60-Minute Duet Session (for two) $ 150

*NOTE: Clients who sign up for the twenty-session series are required to take a minimum of two classes per week.

Private Pilates Instruction
for Certified Pilates Teachers ONLY

Special courtesy rate for CPTs is $95. The next time you visit Los Angeles, California, plan to take a session with Jillian — and save 15%–20%! And if there are two of you, enjoy even bigger savings with my new "duet" packages

CPT Studio Sessions:      
Single 60-Minute Session $ 95 For all CPT sessions,
please pay by
check or cash.
Single 90-Minute Session $ 135
10-Class Series (60 mins./$90 each) $ 900
8-Class Series (90 mins./$135 each) $ 1,080
60-Minute Duet Session (for two) $ 135
90-Minute Duet Session (for two) $ 185

Expiration and Refunds

All multi-session packages expire one year after purchase; and any unused sessions cannot be credited toward future sessions.

No refunds are offered on unused portions of pre-paid session packages without a written note from a doctor providing a valid medical reason for discontinuing Pilates training.

Pilates Workshops

Attention teachers and students of Pilates! Jillian travels frequently to speak and teach in professional Pilates workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. To enroll in any of these events, see the Workshop Schedule.

If you are interested in hosting Jillian for a customized workshop at your own studio, please call or send us an email.

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